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Please check back soon if you have an interest in electronics kits and electronics education!

This is a new aspect we are expanding into so stay tuned! For right now these kits and products are not available while we build and de-bunk this site. If your interested in our kits or products feel free to drop us a line to keep you posted on when they will be available. 

Electronics Kits

Breadboarding Modules

    These kits have been designed for use in jumper breadboard testing. Simply plug in their connector and tie it into your circuit to go. Breadboarding modules make it a breeze to build test circuits in a snap! We offer a variety of configurations to suit any application from descrete components to surface mount in pre-built or kit form. Of course you can use them in your own project or as stand alone circuits so please don't think these are for breadboard uses only.


Educational Kits 

(These will be links to each appropriate bookmark or web page)

1. DC Ohms Law Demonstrator  (Windows Program "Ohms Laws" for AC & DC!)

2. AC Ohms Law Demonstrator

3. RC Time Constant Demonstrator (Windows Program "RC Time Constants!)

4. LC Time Constant {Tank Circuit} Demonstrator (Windows Program "LC Time Constants!)

4. Triac AC Power Control Demonstrator

5. Rectifier Circuits Demonstrator

6. Common Mode Rejection Demonstrator ( a vocal zapper )

7. RC Timer Circuit Demonstrator

8. Magnetic Induction Demonstrator

9. Hall Effect Demonstrator

10. Electromagnetic Circuit Demonstrator

11. Metal Detector Demonstrator


Functional and Educational Kits

1. LM-358 low power op-amp kit ( a low power 3Vdc audio amp)

2. NE-5532 split rail op-amp kit  ( a Hi Quality split 15Vdc stereo audio amp)

3. NE-5532 noise floor eliminator kit ( A hi-quality split 15Vdc noise eliminator)

4. LM-317 positive voltage regulator kit

5. LM-317 positive current regulator kit

6. LM-337 negative current regulator kit

5. LM-317/LM-337 split (+/-) voltage regulator

6. LF-347 quad op-amp "Gravity Detector" kit

7. CMOS digital frequency comparator kit

8. Stepper Motor Controller kit

9. Strobe Light kit (2 varieties)

10. NE-7555 Astable/Monostable Oscillator 

    Astable Oscillator (Windows Program "NE-555")

    Oscillator with full "H-Drive" output (Windows Program "NE-555")

    Missing Pulse Detector


    Monostable Multivibrator 

11. NE-567 Phase Locked Loop

    Quadrature Oscillator (Windows Program "NE-567")

    FM Intercomm Receiver

12. LVDT position encoder kit (Linear Variable Differential Transformer)

13. Sine Wave Oscillator kit (Uses a lamp for sine output)

14. DPDT Snap Action Relay Kit (zero power when set in either position)

15. Triac (120Vac-100Watt) timer kit

16. 3Vdc FM Wireless Microphone kit

17. 3Vdc FM Wireless Guitar kit

18. Wheel of Fortune kit

19. Roulette Wheel kit

20. NE-5532 Audio Fader kit

21. "Fender" 3 way tone control op-amp kit

Kit Accessories


    Soldering Irons

    Breadboard Accessories

    Solder Supplies


    Test Equipment


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