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This site exists for reference and consideration only!

As the CDC and FDA says always leave medical advice to a qualified physician.


   This site is the product of those who actually use a colloidal silver product called Recipe #47. It's an

ionized mineral water solution that boosts your immune system as a broad spectrum antibiotic.

There's a copy of a report in 1999 from CDC & FDA reporting no reportable cases in their AERS from

the use of colloidal silver. [AERS = Adverse Event Reporting System.] Here's a link: Click Here.

   Recipe #47 does not cure anything. Your body does that. It simply suffocates pathogens so they

cannot reproduce. There's a related product currently available over the counter. It's called "Cold-Ez"

In this product they use ionized zinc mineral particles. So have no fear. Recipe #47 is safe too.

   Unlike some colloidal silver sellers Recipe #47 has only two ingredients: Distlled Water & silver ions.

Adding anything else degrades the product drastly. The reason is that charged particles suspend

themselves by virtue of their electrical charges needing nothing else.

   Also be wary of sellers who "seed" their solution in order to accelerate conduction. These are

generally salts. Using salts to make the solution produces poisonous by products and isn't neccessary.

Avoid seeded colloidals. Their potentially poisonous.

   There is also another kind of Good colloidal silver that's made using a high voltage process. It's a good

viable solution and works much the same as Recipe #47 with the exception being HV-colloidal is clear.

Other than that it's perfectly fine. Visually you don't know if it's viable or if it's expired.

   We have a history of family and friends of over 18 years using this with absolutely zero bad effects.

You may call this anectdotal if you wish. But consider however, that in science, one accepted proof is

the ability to repeatedly display the results predicted and calculated "At-Will". So I ask you... Is 18

Years enough proof?

Next here's some basic info on Recipe #47 with links & references at the bottom. Enjoy!

Recipe #47 is used by ingestion and/or topically applied to wounds.

Topically: clean the wound then wet the wound with Recipe #47 & let it dry, or apply to a bandage pad.

Ingestion: Swish mouth with 1 tsp daily and swallow. It does not interact with foods or medications.

Recipe #47 is golden for two reasons:

1. Color verifies the particle size is between .001 to .0015 microns in size. Well into mineral particles.

2. When it expires the color settles out and it becomes clear. It's color says when it's potent and viable.

Don't throw out expired Recipe #47! Plants and flowers go nuts for it. You're adding silver minerals.

Recipe #47 bottles are 4.0 Oz. Cobalt Blue Boston Medicle bottles. They prevent UV Rays, which

does degrade this product. Store these bottles in a cupboard or cabinet out of light at room temp. You

can store them outside if you like but refrigeration is uneccessary.

Wounds can be burns, scrapes, scratches, any bites or cuts, blisters, skin rashes, acne, or athletes foot.

Be sure you clean wounds thoroughly before applying otherwise you could heal debris inside the

wound. I did this once in my eyelid and it took about 6 months for the particle to work out the front of

my eyelid!

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